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Thermotech floor preparation offers world class, high performance, quick curing floor screeds for all you floor preparation needs.

With the advent of pumped, self-levelling floor screeds, the world of commercial and retail flooring was changed forever. The floor preparation products used by Thermotech offer the ability to create superb, high-performance seamless floors at speeds that were previously unachievable and with a quality and longevity that have become renowned throughout Europe. Our floor construction systems allow you to achieve the flattest, smoothest and thinnest floors possible, that will perform to exacting standards, often in highly testing environments. And they will minimise installation and drying time enabling you to cut time and costs on site.

Flowing screed is a new generation screeding product. It gives more benefits to specifiers and also increases design flexibility. A flowing floor screed is based on calcium sulfate whereas traditional screeds are based on Portland cement. Generally it can be laid substantially thinner than conventional materials due to the lack of voids and its high flexural strength. 35mm of flowing screed will replace 75mm of conventional material reducing drying times for commercial floor preparation

Due to the reduced thickness, and efficient delivery method, one gang of four men can place easily 1000m2 or more accurately in a day. This is five to ten times more than with conventional materials and for large industrial floor preparation is fantastically cost effective.

The screed is virtually self-compacting and flows easily into place, filling all voids and irregularities. It is precisely laser levelled to an accuracy of equal to or better than surface regularity SR2. Compared with traditional screeds, shrinkage is minimal and is unlikely to occur. Therefore, curling is entirely eliminated as there is no differential shrinkage. It can be applied in all dry locations and in most situations where a conventional unbonded, floating or heated Portland cement screed could be used. In some European countries flowing screeds now account for half of all screeds applied and is becoming the residential floor of choice.

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