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Thermotech floor systems have nationwide experience of residential floor preparation. Below are a few examples of where Maxit products have been used for residential floor construction.

Project & Location: Romney House, Luxury Apartment Development, London
Products: Alpha 751

The combined challenges of restricted site access and the need for a high quality flooring screed during the refurbishment of former Government buildings in Westminster led to the specification of Alpha 751 hemi-hydrate screed from maxit. Romney House, which faces the new Home Office buildings, is being converted into a 170-luxury apartments complex by Galliard Homes in association with Frogmore Property Co Ltd. It was formerly used by the Department of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries.

maxit Alpha 751 screeds hemi-hydrate was used on all nine floors of the building, feeding the material direct from a maxit-supplied silo sited within the limited space available on site. By using maxit System Alpha™, it was possible to apply up to 35 tons of Alpha 751 daily. Each screed incorporated a 5mm sound quilt and was pumped to between 35mm - 40mm thickness prior to laser levelling. In order to bring the existing building in line with the current Part E and Part L provisions of the Building Regulations covering acoustic and thermal insulation, the building was stripped of existing internal walls prior to the installation of some 15,500 sq metres of new floor screeds. maxit Alpha 751 met KDS Architects’ requirement to maintain a good floor to ceiling height and to cure rapidly, allowing foot traffic by following trades the day after placement.

Comments Mike Maslen, of Neon Class: “The cost of the system was an essential element, but most important was the speed of application and the final quality of the new floors. This is why the reliability of the Alpha 751 led to it being designed into the project from the outset. The finish achieved using Alpha 751 is of the highest quality, which means that once it has been allowed to cure, final coverings of vinyl, timber laminates or carpet can be laid within three weeks of installation without the need for sanding or further finishing treatments.”

Residential Floor Preparation - Products: Alpha 751 used at Romney House   Residential Floor Preparation - Products: ABS 200 used at Panoramic Apartments

Project & Location: Panoramic Apartments, London
Products: ABS 200

More than 9,000m² of maxit’s ABS 200 self-levelling floor screed has been installed at The Panoramic apartments in London to provide 21 storeys of flat, smooth, thin floors for future occupants. maxit ABS 200 was applied to each floor and the screed’s ability to be pumped along several floors made the application much quicker and easier than with traditional hand applied methods. Once laid the screed was dry enough to walk on in 2 hours and ready for the wood, carpet and ceramic tiles floor finishes well ahead of the contract deadline.

The panoramic, marketed as “elevated London living”, is a 1960s office block which has been converted into 88 luxury apartments overlooking the River Thames at Vauxhall Bridge. The existing substrate consisted of a mixture of ceramic tiles and damaged sand and cement floor screed which were both badly cracked in several areas. Following substrate preparation and priming, a special maxit glass fibre mesh was applied to isolated areas in order to reinforce the floor construction, particularly in areas where the substrate was weak. maxit’s ABS 200 Renovation self-levelling floor screed was then pumped to a 'thinness' of 12mm, keeping the floor to ceiling height well within the specified minimum requirements.

Project & Location: Melling Barn Conversion
Products: ABS 500 Self-Level Screed Resin Base

Converting an old barn to house is always something unique so in keeping with the theme of the whole project a novel flooring solution was required by the client. Instead of applying a regular screed to take final floor coverings such as vinyl or carpet maxit ABS 500 Self Level and Resin Base Screed was specified.

Normally reserved for industrial applications, ABS 500 gave something unusual to client aesthetically while also providing all the functional benefits required of a levelling screed. Flooring contractors hand applied the screed over 300m2 throughout the house. It was laid over the concrete substrate at a thickness of 10mm. The properties of ABS 500 meant a flat, smooth and level floor was achieved while the long term performance of the screed is over and above any requirements that will be made in a domestic application.

Once the screed had set a Lithofin polish/wax was applied. The wax protects and enhances the natural colour of the screed giving it a durable, polished finish not found in many homes or kitchens throughout the country.

Residential Floor Preparation - Products: ABS 500 Self-Level Screed Resin Base used at Melling Barn Conversion   Residential Floor Preparation - Products: Alpha 751 used at Chiswick Moran Hotel

Project & Location: Chiswick Moran Hotel, Chiswick High Street, London
Products: Alpha 751

maxit Alpha has recently been installed in phase 1 of a new development in London. Moran Hotel group are constructing a new hotel on Chiswick High St. between Heathrow airport and central London. This 4 star hotel is in an ideal location situated near the Thames and will comprise of 116 bedrooms, 22 exclusive suites, restaurant, bar and leisure centre, ample car parking and sophisticated meeting room facilities. Uneven power floated concrete coupled with the need to install acoustic insulation meant a floor screed capable of taking the final floor coverings was required. The quality and consistency of maxit Alpha 751 made it an obvious choice for the project.

Over 350 tons of maxit Alpha was installed at 40mm onto thermal insulation to bring it in line with part L of the building regulations. It gave a smooth, hard and level finish ready to take the final floor coverings of carpet, vinyl and tiles and follow on trades were able to “load out” their materials the next day. Using maxit System Alpha™ two maxit silos were placed on-site. Each silo is capable of holding over 30 tons of material and with the attached Silo Mixing Pump can mix and pump up to 11 tons an hour, direct to where it is needed on-site.

As a result of its superior chemical compostion, maxit Alpha dries faster and more consistently than Anhydrite products giving a solid, smooth and level floor capable of taking final floor coverings. maxit Alpha doesn’t require any preparation once installed and is ready to take final floor coverings - unlike some anhydrites which can require sanding down or grinding - saving time and cost.

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