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Pump-applied and self-levelling, maxit Alpha is the most technologically-advanced thick floor screed available. What makes Alpha so special is its chemical composition. Developed in some of Europe’s most advanced laboratories, then tried and tested over many years of successful application, maxit Alpha is a Hemi-Hydrate screed, and this provides unique benefits over less advanced compounds.Designed for application thicknesses between 20 and 50mm, or thicker when required, it can be applied as a levelling screed directly onto a load-bearing floor, an unbonded screed on an intermediate layer, a floating floor over thermal or acoustic insulation, a levelling screed incorporating heating pipes or on a cavity floor.

residential floor preparation of levelling screed incorporating heating pipes Hard wearing residential flooring Maxit Alpha perfect for all your residential floor construction requirements Thermotech floor preparations can have laminate, carpet or other covering laid very quickly

Alpha contains one molecule of water to every two molecules of calcium sulphate already in its dry powder so, when it is mixed with water to create a self-levelling, pumpable screed, it takes up the water much more readily than a conventional Anhydrite screed, mixing more smoothly and almost completely crystallising - up to 95% in 24 hours, rather than the 70% crystallisation over 7 days for an Anhydrite.

Lay It At 1000m2 Per Day And Walk On It In 16 Hours
Alpha’s advanced composition means that it reacts with water quickly, providing consistent, reliable drying characteristics and considerably faster drying times, enabling following trades to proceed without delay. It dries consistently so it can be applied direct to concrete without the risk of failure associated with the formation of ettringite when alumina cement is in contact with gypsum in a humid or moist environment It’s smooth, less porous surface means that substantial savings on adhesives can be achieved when laying coverings

It Lays Smoothly And Provides A Superb Finish
Alpha’s easy workability means that it mixes and flows smoothly, with none of the inconsistencies that are inherent in Anhydrite screeds. Alpha is stable and does not segregate, so there is no surface skin formation as there is with Anhydrites and there’s no need for additional smoothing compounds. Pre-blended, mixed with water on-site and then pump applied, areas of up to 1000m 2 can be laid in a single phase, minimising joints and their potential problems.

The Ideal Solution For Underfloor Heating Or Sound Insulation
Alpha is a self-compacting screed that flows to fully encapsulate underfloor pipes or wires and reduces the potential for air bubbles/pockets which have an adverse affect on heat transfer. With little preparation required, when Alpha is specified with the right type of insulation it can achieve 51 DB, well above the standards required by Part E of the Building Regulations.

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